Work With Me

1st: Style for Life Consultation

My Office or Your Home - 3.5 to 4 hours

I’ll personally meet with you, and use your unique coloring, personality and how you move through life to develop a one-of-a-kind 17 stick fabric fan.  Use your personal fan for the rest of your life: shopping, coordinated ensembles, home décor.  Understand the vast difference between wearing an outfit that matches and one that matches YOU!

What you’ll leave with:

  1. Individual Seasonal Style type (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter)  
  2. I’ll create your custom 17 stick fabric fan that reflects your unique skin, eyes, hair & personality. Easily create coordinated ensembles.
  3. Uniquely chosen from over 10,000 colors.  Patterns harmonize with geometry of your face.  Metals match your personal skin tone: i.e. gold, silver, platinum, copper, bronze, and rose-gold.
  4. You’ll learn to develop eye/body memory to differentiate colors hues that enhance or detract from you.  Wearing your personal colors creates the appearance of credibility, vitality, approachability, health, and trustworthiness!
  5. Your unique colors use for: Power, Formal, Credibility, Dynamic, Center of Attention, Friendly, Romantic, Team Player, and Environmental.  Includes samples for makeup and hair colors.
  6. Receive the geometric shapes you will simulate in: neckline, collar, pocket, shoe, jewelry, ties, scarves, bags.  
  7. Personalized texture & sheen: matte, gloss, glitz / light, medium, heavy.

2nd: Closet Consultation

Your Home - 30 minutes to 6.5 hours

Organizing brings a peace of mind to the decluttering process.  Having a clear and efficient space allows allows you to easily dress for your day whether it's business, casual, date, or special occasion.

Same Day as Style for Life – 30 minutes

What you’ll leave with: 

  1. Use your new fan on your existing closet and environment.  Experience colors, patterns, metals, and drape of what serves you and what doesn’t. 
  2. You’ll understand at a visceral level what angles work for you in your collars, necklines, shoes, accessories, and what doesn’t and why.
  3. You’ll have an idea of what voids you have in your wardrobe and what you need to fill it to easily mix and match.
  4. Complete your closet yourself or schedule additional time for organizational and editing support.


Clearing and Organizing: 1-3 hours

What you’ll leave with:

  1. Closet Editing: We’ll get started by making four piles.  1)Keep what’s in your style type 2)donate/give away 3)re-use/repurpose 4)items that are not in your style type but you’re not ready to release.


Closet Editing Ensembles & Outfits: 1-3 hours

What you’ll leave with:

  1. Shopping in your own closet.  Discover unexpected possibilities as we combine existing clothing and accessories with newly purchased items rounding out your wardrobe to reflect the authentic you. 
  2. We’ll create complete ensembles so you have a visual reference.  Make transitions between the Five levels of dress.  Play, Casual, Work, Date, Formal.                                                                                                   
  3. Deepen your understanding and feel at home in your new wardrobe. Reflect a distilled version of who you came into be and what you uniquely offer the world with your mere presence.
  4. You’ll know what jewelry, clothing, shoes, bags, scarves, jewelry, ties and jackets go together. You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get dressed this season.
  5. Your personal lines of style will begin to emerge and you’ll begin to see how your unique personality can be reflected in your clothing. Fashion Alchemy!


Specialty and Seasonal: Organizing: 2-6 hours

What you’ll leave with:

  1. Need help arranging your closet and drawers for efficiency as the season changes?
  2. We’ll work together to get this done and create more fun and ease as you reach into your closet.
  3. We’ll make complete outfits and take reference photos.


3rd: Shopping

Shopping - 2 to 5 hours

Here’s where it gets really fun.  You’ll begin to see yourself in a new light.  Try on clothes that you never would have and, at the same time, have the opportunity to feel at home in your body for the first time. 


First Time Shopping: 2-5 hours

What you’ll leave with:

  1. A deeper knowledge anchored in of what works for and doesn’t in textures, styles, angles, and radiances.
  2. Clothing you can’t wait to put on because it feels so good.
  3. A wardrobe that makes sense and you can work with because it goes with “you”

Seasonal Shopping: 3-5 hours

What you’ll leave with:

  1. Add current items to your wardrobe or fill in some gaps.  Get current, add color, and stay in your style type vs following never ending trends.
  2. Learn how to layer and appear polished no matter the weather or the season.

Special Occasion Shopping: 2-3 hours

What you’ll leave with:

  1. Speaking at a special event? You’ll want clothing and accessories that reflect your unique business.  We’ll talk about the 5 levels of dress and how to easily but substantially transition from day to evening.
  2. Dining with the Pope, your boss, head of state?  We’ll consider what impression you want to make and outcome desired.  Then we’ll dress you to reflect your best result.
  3. Women: Making and impression on a first date. What is it you want to accomplish?  Do you want him to hear your words and get to know your mind, or think you have a rockin body? You’d dress very differently.  Hint… It’s quite scientific.  I’ll help you understand and create the moment you’re looking for with intent instead of default.
  4. Men: Making and impression on a first date.  Do you want her to respect you and see who you are in your depth and possibility? Are you artsy, natural, dynamic, conservative, classic?  No matter, you’ll know how to dress on a date vs business.  I can help you show up authentically as a potential partner or just out fishing.  Your choice.