About Bellonda

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Fashion Alchemist

I am Bellonda Bixby, your Fashion Alchemist.  

Fashion Alchemy is a powerful synergy of mind, body, spirit, and fashion created by taking all that you are on the inside and expressing it in your external presence.  

Your hair, make-up, and clothing style, including texture, color, drape, pattern, and metals are in complete alignment with the best of who you came into be.

 My History

Nearly 20 years ago, a dear friend made a remark that changed my life forever.  He locked eyes with me and with his penetrating gaze, he said, “Bellonda, your gift is supporting people to fall more deeply in love with themselves.”  Immediately, I felt the rightness and magnitude of his words expressed as a jolt running down the core of my body that anchored my mission on this earth.  

At the time I was a personal energy coach and facilitated groups in questioning false beliefs, living oneness, and effective communication skills. Today, I have brought all those skills into something more visibly tangible, extraordinarily effective, and more fun than I could imagine! 

“You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it.” ~ Edith Head 

I think Edith definitely had it partially right.  Focus, determination, balance, integrity, community,  also have something to do with having what you desire present itself. My experience tells me that doors open, opportunities arise, and people hear your words more effectively when you dress in harmony with who you are.  To me, it’s simply showing up visibly and congruently with who you are on the inside.

Impressions of Youth

My education in style color literacy remains a vivid memory from both of my parents. As an toddler on the knee of my mother at her I sewing machine, I experienced the exquisitely beautiful custom garments and costumes she created as a professional seamstress. She designed her own clothing and had a real eye for style. In the fashion era of the 1960’s, I looked at my mother with fascination and respect and secretly guessed “Jackie O” must have taken lessons from her.

My father’s influence came through a question/answer game he played to acquaint me with this world.  “What can you get for free?”  I had many guesses, including love, air, compassion.  Attempting to teach me the value of hard work, we payed this game daily until he made it clear the answer was tangible. Wrangling with no acceptable answer, I wondered “is it a trick?” About to give up and ask the answer, I was struck with a possibility that was all around me. With confidence, I told him “all color is free” including the paint on our walls, the color of his car, and the fabric in his blue shirt. It wasn’t easy to win my fathers approval, but on this day, he twinkled his eyes and tipped an imaginary hat in my direction.  

In Gratitude…

This is the work that I was always meant to do. To contribute. To make a difference. For those of you who have put your trust in me supporting your journey, I am deeply honored. For those of you who are about to make the leap, I’m here to stand beside you, hold your hand, and guide you.

With gratitude and grace, Bellonda Bixby

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” ~Gandhi